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Plan Management Features

Our plan management features can be implemented with any formulary option and provide up to 20% savings on your overall drug plan spend.

Our team can take you through each feature and its ability to balance claims and costs.

Formulary Options

Your drug plan starts with the formulary.

At Medavie Blue Cross, we offer several formulary options to help accommodate each plan sponsor’s unique requirements.

Outlined below are 3 of our core formulary options - which option is the best fit for your organization?

What is a Formulary?

A formulary is a defined list of drugs (generic and brand-name) and products covered by a health plan. Depending on the formulary you choose, only drugs that meet the Medavie Blue Cross definition of an eligible drug will be listed.

: Standard offering with our new managed plan Rxperience


Managed Go-Forward


Up to 2%
Up to 4%
Specialty high cost drugs
Medication Advisory Panel (MAP) decisions applied to drugs reviewed after the plan effective date Medication Advisory Panel (MAP) decisions applied
Prescription requiring drugs
Essential over-the counter drugs
Products such as diabetic supplies, knee injections and glucose monitoring systems
Ability to add on additional benefit modules such as; vaccines, sexual dysfunction, fertility, or injectable vitamins

Plan Management Features

We help you achieve greater therapeutic and financial value for your plan by better managing costs and providing easy to implement value-based options.

: Standard offering with our new managed plan Rxperience

Enhanced Coverage Options

Make the plan your own by enhancing formulary coverage.