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Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Our Advantages

We deliver personalized solutions based on your organizations’ specific needs that ensure your members receive the right treatment at the right time and at the right price.

Exclusively available by Medavie Blue Cross.

Exclusively available by Medavie Blue Cross.

Point of Service (POS)

Our real-time transaction adjudication system helps members experience better medication adherence that results in effective treatment with the desired health outcomes. Built into the system are the following technology features:

Medavie Mobile App

We support members with easy plan access on the go and provide them with the resources and tools they require.

National Network

We invest in strong manufacturer, pharmacy and provider relationships to drive quality and optimal plan spend.

Our dedicated pharmaceutical partnership strategy focuses on building business to business relationships with pharmaceutical industry stakeholders. We target the appropriate use and cost of drugs, to ensure plan members have access to innovative drugs at fair prices and to valuable support services all while ensuring plans remain sustainable. To combat rising costs Medavie Blue Cross has negotiated pharmacy agreements that focus on mark-ups and fees and product listing agreements that focus on the ingredient cost.

In Quebec, along with our product listing agreements, we offer Usual and Customary (U&C) pricing as an add-on plan management feature to help plans save more.

Our partnerships drive greater plan savings and lower member out-of-pocket costs with specially negotiated rates on:

  • The ingredient cost or manufacturers list price
  • The pharmacy mark-up¹
  • The dispensing or professional fee²

1,2 negotiated rated on the pharmacy mark-up and the dispensing or professional fee are not offered in Quebec.

Exclusively available by Medavie Blue Cross.

Partnerships with Drug Manufacturers

Partnerships with Pharmacies

Partnerships with Providers

Exclusively available by Medavie Blue Cross.

Exclusively available by Medavie Blue Cross.