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10 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

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Does COVID-19 have you feeling low and struggling to cope? Are you going through a range of emotions – from wanting to hide under the blankets to wanting to scream into the pillows? You’re not alone. The struggle is real, VERY real, for a lot of Canadians.

Stress, anxiety, fear and even anger are all normal reactions to the effects and unknowns of the current global health and economic crisis we now face. However, left unmanaged, these issues can lead to other more serious emotional, psychological, and even physical problems, including heart disease and high blood pressure.

Our Top 10 List

As part of our mission to improve the overall wellbeing of Canadians, we’ve compiled this Top 10 list, based on the expert advice of our trusted health care partners, to help you protect your mental health during this pandemic.

10. Seek support

If your symptoms of anxiety are causing you significant distress or are interfering with your ability to function normally, it may be time to get expert help. Here are some signs that you may benefit from professional advice and assistance:

  • You can’t think about anything other COVID-19
  • Your anxiety disrupts your daily activities
  • You isolate yourself from others
  • You feel hopeless or angry about the situation
  • You have a hard time eating or sleeping well
  • You experience physical symptoms such as frequent headaches or an upset stomach

Our mental health resources

As one of Canada’s leading health solutions partners, we offer a variety of online options to give you quick and easy access to expert care –without having to leave the house. The services of our new digital care platform, Connected Care, include Digital Therapy, which can connect you with a dedicated therapist for guidance and support.

You can also find a comprehensive list of mental health tools and resources on our website. These range from our Employee and Family Assistance Program, inConfidence, to our wellness portal, My Good Health.

Remember: Even if you don’t have family or friends close by, you are never alone. Go online to check out the mental health offering that’s available to you through your health insurance plan. Help may be just a call or a few clicks away.