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Women at Medavie who “Choose to Challenge”

Posted by Medavie Blue Cross on March 08, 2021

International Women’s Day is an important day to celebrate women's achievement, raise awareness about women's equality, lobby for greater gender parity and fundraise for female-focused charities. This year’s theme is “Choose to Challenge”, recognizing that from challenge comes change.

We invited some of our champions in health care at Medavie to tell us how they choose to challenge gender inequality. Here’s what they had to say.

“Women still need to push a little bit harder and speak a little bit louder. I encourage all women to find their voice, share their ideas and not be afraid to stand out.”

Colleen Adams
Manager, Health & Digital Product Solutions
Medavie Blue Cross

"To succeed you need self-confidence, determination, and motivation. When others say you cannot, a strong woman will say - Maybe you cannot, but I have no doubt that I can.”

Holly Poirier
Medavie Health Services West

“I #ChooseToChallenge by using my voice more strongly; owning and sharing my personal perspectives and views as a woman and not allowing myself to defer to other colleagues simply because I am outnumbered at the table.”

Tammy Conistis
Director, CPMO & IT Business Services
Medavie Blue Cross

“…I challenge my sons on how they perceive the world. Great family discussions are creating awareness about everyone’s reality and each of us is coming out with a richer perspective”

Sophie Gravel
Manager, HR Business Partnerships
Medavie Blue Cross

“I choose to proactively go out of my way to lift other women up for them to embark on opportunities to become and continue to be powerful leaders.”

Ginette Pellerin
Vice-President Operations, Extra-Mural Program
Medavie Health Services New Brunswick

“I voice my opinions and own my space in discussions.”

Marie-Hélène Dugal
Product Portfolio Manager, Drug Management Solutions
Medavie Blue Cross

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