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Everyone lives life a little differently, which can make it difficult to find a personal health insurance plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. That’s why we designed Elements to be simple, flexible, and responsive to you.

Options and Options Plus

If your Assured Access plan lets you enrol in an Options plan, here are the details you need.

Standalone dental

If you're not covered for dental through your group benefits, our Individual Dental Plan just might fill that gap.

Hospital Plan

While hospital visits are covered under government sponsored health care programs, our Hospital Plan allows you to upgrade to a semi-private room.  

Guaranteed Issue

The Guaranteed Issue Health Plan has no medical underwriting. It provides basic coverage for routine medical expenses and covers pre-existing conditions!

Moving off an employer's plan

If you currently have benefits that will end soon, don't go without coverage!

Moving off a parent's plan

Dependents leaving their parent's personal health plan can enrol in their very own Elements health plan without having to qualify medically

Travel health & trip cancellation plans

Family excursion, relaxing getaway or business trip—no matter where your travels take you, make sure to pack Blue Cross travel insurance. An accident or medical emergency while travelling could cost you thousands if you don’t have the right ...

Travel plans for visitors to Canada

If you’re travelling to Canada, a travel plan from Blue Cross gives you the coverage you need to feel secure during your trip.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance provides guaranteed security: once you’re covered, you’re covered for life. This is ideal coverage for when you're young and healthy, because enrolment rates are guaranteed.

Seniors' Health Program

The Medavie Blue Cross Seniors’ Health program is for residents of New Brunswick registered with Medicare, aged 65 or older.

Assured Access

If you currently have a group plan through your employer, Assured Access protects your eligibility for future health benefits. Once you qualify medically for this plan, you don’t have to qualify again if you lose your group health benefits.

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    Health & dental insurance

    Elements is the personal health plan that grows with you, to provide you the coverage you need as your needs change.

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    Looking for a plan for seniors? If you're in New Brunswick, take a look at the Seniors' Health Program

    Life insurance

    Permanent coverage

    Coverage you keep for life

    Is your coverage ending soon?

    If you currently have benefits that will end soon, don't go without coverage!

    Moving off an employer's plan

    Moving off a parent's plan

    Already have benefits through your employer?

    We can still help.

    Guarantee your future insurability

    Assured Access

    Top-up your current coverage

    Dental Plan
    Hospital Plan

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