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Marie-Hélène Dugal

Marie-Hélène Dugal

Product Portfolio Manager, Drug Management Solutions

Marie-Hélène Dugal has been with Medavie Blue Cross for 15 years. Over the course of her career, she has developed expertise in dental and health claims, benefits management and system coding by working in various departments. Four years ago, Marie-Hélène joined the Drug Management Solutions department, where she first served as a Senior Product Specialist and then as Product Portfolio Manager.

In her current role, Marie-Hélène is not only recognized as an expert in the sound management of benefits and more particularly of drug insurance programs, but she is also appreciated and highly sought after for her ability to vulgarize complex concepts in both languages. She is also invited to participate in various forums: finalist presentations, support for clients during implementation, conferences, industry committee, etc.

Marie-Hélène is one of Journal de l'assurance's Top 25 New Insurance Leaders.

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