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Insurers Moving to Provide Virtual Health Care

Harnessing analytics, data to support employee mental health

Measuring the Value of Investing in Workplace Mental Health

Digital health & workplace wellness

Pharmacare: What it means for you

How Data Can Support Drug Benefits

How can plan sponsors prevent fraud

Turning Drug Data into Insights & Action

Meeting the mental health needs of a multi-generation workforce in the digital age: An insurer’s perspective

Medavie Blue Cross launches Connected Care digital health platform

Marthe Cloutier featured in Avantages Magazine for the 30-year anniversary of the publication

Busting Myths About Insurance Fraud

Knowledge Gaps Persist: Top 10 Findings of The 2019 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey

Drive your Plan with Data 2019: Top Trends & Takeaways

Pharmacogenetic testing: A revolutionary new tool in personalized, precision medicine

Drug Trend Report 2019 (French)

Drug Trend Report 2019 (English)

Diabetes in the Workplace

Drive Your Plans With Data

Diabetes in the Workplace:Trends & Solutions Part 2

Group Insurance by an Indirect Path

Health and Wellness: Where to Start?

Diabetes in the Workplace: Trends & Solutions

Fostering a culture of wellness

Building Employee Resilience: A Practical Guide to Creating & Operationalizing Self-Care Strategies for the Workplace

Disability 360: Top Trends, Tools & Tactics (Part 3/3)

Blue Cross will give $160 000 over 4 years to the Dr Clown Foundation

Canada’s Health Care System of the Future: Collaborative, Innovative and Transformative

Disability 360: Top Trends, Tools & Tactics (Part 2/3)

The Fine Balance between Access to Medication & Cost Management

Mental Illness in the Workplace

Biosimilars Present New Opportunities for Insurers to Manage Cost

Inch By Inch, Make Life A Cinch

The Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator

Questions about Medical Cannabis? We’ve got answers

Increasing your EFAP ROI: 5 Steps Every Employer Should Take

Medavie Blue Cross to deliver industry leading form of integrated virtual psychotherapy

Proactively identifying people at risk next stage in mental-health awareness

Addressing Depression in the Workplace

Is Self-Care the Future of Health Care?

Disability 360: Top Trends, Tools & Tactics (Part 1/3)

Plan Members Are Increasingly Satisfied with their Health Care Plan

The Sanofi Survey Says ...

The evolution of Medavie over the years

Pressure on health care: Medavie plans to increase partnerships with governments

Inspired by international innovations

6 Signs your Benefit Plan Needs a Refresh

Disability 360: Surveying the Disability Management Landscape

How e-patients Hold Key to Future of Health Benefits

Words to Lead by from 2018 Benefits3 Atlantic

Beyond the Pill: A Conversation on Modern Plan Design

Drug Plan Trends Report: A snapshot of what’s coming down the pike

And What if We Pressed Reset?

Top Benefit Plan Trends: 10 things plan sponsors should know

Chronic Disease: Empowering plan members to take charge of their health

Drive Your Plan with Data

Drug Management

Managing Chronic Disease

Benefit Plan Trends in a Rapidly Changing Workforce

Preferred Pharmacy Networks

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