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6 Signs your Benefits Plan Needs a Refresh

Posted on June 22, 2018

Building a solid and competitive business means investing in your number one asset – your employees. And as your organization evolves, so too should your health benefits.

Smart employers periodically re-evaluate their benefit plan design – to ensure it reflects the needs of their employees and supports the financial health of their business.

Is your plan informed by trends, driven by data and aligned with your HR philosophy? Here’s why it may be time to hit reset on your benefit plan:

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How E-Patients Hold Key to Future of Health Benefits

Posted on June 01, 2018

Today’s consumer expects to sit in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s streaming movies online or shopping from home with expectations of to-the-doorstep delivery of all types of products, from groceries to furniture, people know what they want and are looking for businesses to help them get there.

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Blue Cross Recognized as “Most Admired” Brand

Posted on April 26, 2018

The Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans chose to participate in the Léger Corporate Reputation Study again for 2018. The study is designed to reveal the enterprises most admired by Canadians.

We’re pleased to announce that Blue Cross is again recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Brands for 2018. This year we’ve moved up almost 10 positions in the top 100 ranking and we’re also pleased to continue to be recognized in the ranking as Canada’s #1 health benefits provider.

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A Hard Pill to Swallow

Posted on May 25, 2018

“No one has an infinite budget. We must ask ourselves what we can permit ourselves. A lot of things have been put into question at this time. It is really important that all the stakeholders participate in the debate. That is how we will be able to find new solutions to better manage high claimants.”

In this article published in Avantages, Marie-Hélène Dugal, Product Portfolio Manager, Drug Management Solutions at Medavie Blue Cross presents solutions to consider when plans have to consider how to reconcile with high claimants.

*Article in French Only*

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Insurance Industry’s Top New Leader: Marie-Hélène Dugal

Posted on April 25, 2018

Her unconventional professional journey and flourishing career have not gone unnoticed. Marie-Hélène Dugal, Product Portfolio Manager, Drug Management Solutions has been featured as one of the top 25 new leaders of the insurance industry according to Journal de l’assurance, and it's a well-deserved award!

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6 Signs your Benefits Plan Needs a Refresh

Is your plan informed by trends, driven by data and aligned with your HR philosophy? Here’s why it may be time to hit reset on your benefit plan:

Disability 360: Surveying the Disability Management Landscape

Statistics don’t tell the whole story of why disability management matters to workforce wellness and organizational performance.

How e-patients Hold Key to Future of Health Benefits

As an industry we must adapt our benefits solutions to be more relevant and responsive to today’s reality and to prepare for even greater challenges on the health care horizon. 

Words to Lead by from 2018 Benefits3 Atlantic

Our program of expert panels and presentations, led by some of the brightest minds in the industry, invited us to re-imagine the future of health benefits. Here are just a few of our favourite inspirational quotes from the conference:

Beyond the Pill: A Conversation on Modern Plan Design

Learn powerful ways you can deliver plan value and drive business growth in the midst of constant change. 

Drug Plan Trends Report: A snapshot of what’s coming down the pike

Medavie Blue Cross has also seen a significant decline in new patient starts for hepatitis C medications, says Chris Goguen, the insurer’s strategic pharmaceutical partnerships lead in Moncton, N.B. Demand is now one-fifth of the volume it was a...

And What if We Pressed Reset?

“Collective insurance plans as we know them today have evolved at the pace of our needs over the past decades. But do they still meet the expectations of employers and employees?” In this opinion piece in the Advantages magazine Pierre Marion, Market...

Top Benefit Plan Trends: 10 things plan sponsors should know

The following is our list of the Top 10 trends plan sponsors should be aware of in designing benefit plans for today – and tomorrow.

Chronic Disease: Empowering plan members to take charge of their health

There are ways to reduce the incidence of chronic disease, improve health outcomes and optimize drug plan spends. 

Drive Your Plan with Data

Check out some stats to help you create your benefits plan, all organized in an infographic. 

Drug Management

The pace of change in the drug landscape is applying unprecedented cost and complexity pressures on private benefit plans in Canada. So how can plan sponsors manage drug costs effectively and sustainably in this fast-moving, ever-changing...

Managing Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is now the biggest drive of benefit plan costs, affecting 6 in 10 Canadian employees. Presenter Paula Grossman, Senior Health Benefit Specialist for Medavie Blue Cross examines the reasons for this health crisis, the impacts on the...

Benefit Plan Trends in a Rapidly Changing Workforce

Learn about what's driving and shaping our industry and how Medavie Blue Cross’s approach to Extended Health Care Benefits can help you and your clients adjust, adapt & innovate to sustain benefit plans. 

Preferred Pharmacy Networks

Discover how our Pharmacy Partners - Preferred Network ensures value for the plan sponsor and plan member by optimizing plan performance, improving health outcomes and delivering savings.

    Our Contributors

    Paula Bio

    Paula Grossman RN

    Paula is a registered nurse and has been with Medavie Blue Cross for 23 years. She is a senior member of our product development team and responsible for benefit management initiatives for private group and individual health programs. Paula has led...
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    Derek Weir

    Derek Weir

    Derek Weir leads the team responsible for the development and management of all non-pharmacy products for our group business. He holds a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology. Derek has worked in the areas of organizational health and disability...
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    Chris Goguen Head Shot May 2015

    Chris Goguen

    Chris joined Medavie Blue Cross in 2015, with 25 years of experience as a senior leader within the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Canada. With the majority of his career focussed on External Affairs, including strategy and relationship...
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    Caroline Christie Photo

    Carolyn Christie

    Carolyn has been in the group insurance industry for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience from a variety of areas, including underwriting, sales, service and operations. Carolyn has been with Medavie Blue Cross since 2002, and for the last...
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    Pierre Marion

    Pierre Marion

    As market leader, Pierre is responsible for the business development of group insurance plans in Quebec. A seasoned manager, he has led various teams within the organization with passion since 1989. Thanks to his 25+ years of experience in the group...
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    Anne Nicoll Small Square Rev

    Anne Nicoll

    A recognized leader in the health and management field, Anne Nicoll oversees Group Business development for Medavie Blue Cross and leads the Drug Management Solutions and Group Benefits Solutions teams. She brings 25 years of senior management...
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    Alaina Mac Kenzie 2

    Alaina MacKenzie

    Alaina MacKenzie joined the Corporate Sales team with a mandate to build upon the success the team has generated to date. She brings an intuitive sense of the customer, gained throughout her 25 years of experience in group insurance with a focus on...
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    Karen Kesteris

    Karen Kesteris

    Karen brings 20 years of progressive leadership experience to this role. Before joining our organization, she was the Director of Private Payer Solutions at Telus Health, as well as the Director of Marketing Communications and Product Development at...
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    Marc Avaria

    Marc Avaria

    Marc has been a senior leader in the Group Benefits industry for more than two decades. In that time, he has led national teams responsible for delivering disability case management services for employers of all sizes and industries. He has also...
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    Travis Kelly

    Travis Kelly

    In this senior leadership role, he is responsible for a number of disciplines including quality assurance & audit services, rehabilitation services, new business onboarding, sales support and client interface. Travis brings more than 15 years of...
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